Screaming J. Rule!

Grim formed Screaming J Rule in 2012, along with band-mates Screaming J. (lead vox) & F. King Kaos (support vox).

From three friends having breakfast in the heart of Liverpool’s historic music scene to having 6 songs – in the space of 8 hours – Screaming J. Rule was an explosion of creative energy from the outset. Their high-energy, unpredictable, queer art aesthetic was present from their first live performance and it was apparent that they were not going to be a regular kind of band. Musically, they draw influence from Motörhead, The Misfists, X Ray Spex, White Zombie, The Damned and early Nirvana (to name 6). Aesthetically they’re an unpredictable bunch, often blurring the lines of gender and sexuality, and sometimes playing up to them.

Screaming J. Rule’s artistic endeavors go beyond making music, extending to visual and performance art. This makes their live appearances even more special and unique.

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