Grim Outlook was one of the founding members and guitarist of horror punk rockers Zombina and the Skeletones.

After leaving the band in 2004 Grim continued write music as well as become involved in the arts. This involved working on a number of community projects – one of which was writing lyrics and playing guitar for a project called ‘Senior Rap’, a war themed rap performed by a group of pensioners. The project quite unexpectedly received radio play, news paper, and global (yes really, thanks to the Sky News loop) TV news coverage.

Grim also started working with young bands – helping them develop their skills, and hosted several band nights showcasing their talents.

In 2007 Grim was forced to take some time away from working and performing but returned in late 2008 with a changed and focused attitude. Grim began performing in a variety of art-forms, including short film, performance poetry and performance art.

Grim also continued to write (and occasionally perform) music but was never really happy performing alone and was determined to form a band… and in 2012 Grim unveiled Screaming J. Rule – an eccentric, queer art punk band – with a handful of energetic, original material.

You can find out more about Screaming J Rule here